Invitation for exhibition of paintings "Vision---Beyond Eyes..." at The Taj Art Gallery Dated on 20th Dec.-25th Dec.2016

Respected Sir/Madam,

      I am sending you an invitation copy..Please see an attachment below..And please forward that invitation to your respected circle...


"    Reality can be very different than what it appears to be.


    An artist, may he be a patron of any art form, is cognizant of the deeper meaning that an ordinary looking site may have.

 Rather, he seeks this meaning through his point of view. thus, even a daily life, ordinary event magically turns into an artistic work.


Most of us are blessed with eyes, but each one of us views things differently. And this view.... our vision, defines the world for us.

So, whatever pleased my inner eye, and delighted my heart, i put it on the canvas.

There is a world beyond our eyesight..... to view it we need a Vision...!    "

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